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Does Blogging For Money Really Work?

Does Blogging For Money Really Work?

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by August 9, 2016 Uncategorized

coins-currency-investment-insurance-largeDoes Blogging for Money Really Work?

Yes it does! And here’s how!

Focus your blog on your passion

If you want to start a blog, then write something that is close to your heart. It could be about anything. Unless you are passionate about something, your blog is not going anywhere. This is a long term deal and you do not intend to give in a few days or weeks time. This is going to be an everyday affair.

Choosing something that can generate lots of traffic and is helpful to your readers can surely get things going on.

Create Ad banner space on your blog

You can create ad space on your blog to sell Ad’s. The key is to create good traffic and then you will have companies wanting to buy Ad’s on your site.

Advice: The upside is that you’re in control; the downside is if you set the prices too high or are too picky about advertisers, you won’t make any money. This can also be a bad user experience if you put too many Ad’s on your site so make sure you balance it.

Sell a product

In line with the first point, think of a product and then sell it using your website. That is why it is so important to decide your niche and then work towards it. The product you plan on selling should be relevant to your blog. Supposing you have a blog that talks about dogs and you write about smart phones, then there is no connection and readers might not dig in.

Writing content that is helpful and using target keywords is extremely important which will really help you gain more rankings and visitors. The need to give your readers freebies is not there, but some solid content which can really help them in some way personally or in purchasing a product, will be really appreciated.

Join an affiliate program

The best way to make your blog work for you is to join an affiliate program. There are many reasonable affiliate programs which are provided by online giants like Amazon, eBay, and others which can really get you lots of money, provided you wait for your website to increase its rankings by utilizing quality content on the products which want to sell on your website.

You can do that by telling viewers why those products are helpful and in what way they can really help them. Supposing you want to sell smart phones, then write useful content about them. This way, readers might be inclined to click on the links which are present on your website to take them to the main website of the product, for which you are the affiliate.
Hope you found this article on how to blog for making money useful.


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